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Christian Chat Room - Chat with Christians. Discuss the bible, Christian fellowship.

Penny Zeller - "A day in the life of a wife, mom, and author." Includes humor blog, salvation message, Sisters in Christ information, an extensive listing of movies for familis, helpful links and resources for both kids and adults, and writing tips all from a Christian worldview.

Faithful News - FaithfulNews collects thousands of Christian contents from all around the Web and present them via a user-friendly interface.

Jesus is the Light - Send in your praise of Jesus and how He effected your life.

Christian Shopping - Christian shopping online.

Mananow - We're trying to increase the production and consumption of Christian media. Hopefully Christian media will get into the mainstream so that we can reach people who aren't actively seeking it.

Biblical Families - Dedicated to building Biblical families.

Soul Supply - The reach and influence of Soul Supply is to bring the release, refreshment and repair of Jesus (Jn 10:10b) to the lives of all '. peoples, multitudes, nations and languages'. (Rev 17:15c)
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    Christianity.com -  Learn about Faith in God, Jesus Christ, Spirituality and grow in the Christian faith.  Search Christian resources including articles, daily devotionals, online Bible study tools, Christian videos, MP3 sermons, and podcasts of your favorite Christian pastors and speakers.

    Peggie's Place - mega-home page with family resources--devotions, humor and inspiration, holidays, Christian links and more.

    Church Central - Online Church Leadership Community.

    Bible Gateway - A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions and 50 languages.

    Cross-eyed Pastor - Includes posts about social issues, ministries opportunities, Bible verses for thought, Christian events and news, and more.

    BURST OF SALT - Sharing the encouragement of God's word.

    A Blog of a Courageous Father - A blog is about Christian living, Courageous Fatherhood and being a Christian family. Anything about being a Christian and living as a Christian. Bible references, stories and thoughts. Prayer information. Some food and recipes to make as a family or for the family to share and enjoy and much more. Even some craft or family activities.

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